Freechi is free and formless

Il y a la construction de la pensée hors du temps, abstraite, infinie. Il y a la projection de la pensée à travers les temps lointains, matériels, physiques, sensationnels… Et puis il y a le croisement des chemins des possibles où le temps s’arrête, suspendu à son changement propre, hors de la matière et que nous appelons le présent. La pensée pure, ineffable. -- Cedric Mabilotte, “Freechi”

Freechi is a newborn baby in the world of Chi/Qi. Freechi is formless and looks forward to encouraging the study of all forms of Taichi, Qi Gong and all “Internal Arts” related topics. FreeChi considers all schools of “Internal Arts” (“Neijing”) as its own masters. Freechi practice humbly intends to focus on bettering one’s inner peace through chi harmonisation following the ways of Internal arts teachings and in particular using peaceful chi mirroring in a dynamic meditative state. It takes shape in the form of an open practice between persons of free will.