Say Hello to FreeChi!

Time to play and practice ...

Congratulations! You have reached the FreeChii Community! You will find here the essential information that will help you get into this fun and playful practice. The practice of FreeChi is emerging, and so is the community, so be patient my friends and get ready for an amazing journey.

Do not let yourself get blinded by the simple game that may trigger classical craving for "winning" because the real objective of this practice is not to win but inner pacification throught Chi harmonization. It is for you to discover what it means and to walk your own path. See you soon on the ground!

Let's get started!

Remember FreeChi is a free practice community. It is about what you make out of it, and how we altogether learn to remain free in our minds and bodies. You may contribute in many ways, just click Contribute in the menu.

Currently, I am developing the following free practice of Taichi not as an achieved work of mastery but as a continuous flow of cultivation in progress and as a gathering of knowledge while emerging myself from lifelong meditative and experimental practices. The path I have been following is “out from the wilderness”, based on free will, open thinking and deep curiosity. I make great efforts to recollect what emerges from instinct and free practice together with the study of established teachings and classical schools. The present manual may still contain discrepancies with classical teachings as I did not have the chance to learn from direct lines of transmission. I apologize in advance for any disturbance it may cause to well grown practitioners, and in such case invite you to kindly guide me towards any possible improvement of this guide for the benefits of sharing.

Please always be careful to remember that free practice means that one shall walk one’s own path of discoveries while not considering that practice is the limit of the path to walk. Reality far exceeds Imagination, and hardship in studies is the tiger to ride the wave of knowledge on an ocean of unknown mysteries. Farewell on your path my friends, I sincerely hope Freechi will help you open realms of personal growth and reveal it’s benefits even to advanced practitioners who are currently expanding their roots in complementary studies.

Find out all about FreeChi

  • Learn about FreeChi by checking out our dedicated About page.
  • (coming later) Download Freechi PDF Guide, themes Resources page.
  • Check out our FreeChi Youtube Channel to find out the latest goings on in the FreeChi-verse.

If you want a more in-depth information, you should check out available resources and how to contact me.

Meet up and Play

To check existing members, simply go to the Community Page. You will see where other FreeChi practitioners are located.

Join a FreeChi Circle

To check existing circles, simply go to the Community Page. You will see when and where other FreeChi circles are taking place.

Create a new FreeChi Circle in your area

Once you have reached a certain level of practice and interest in FreeChi, you may want to give back to the community what you received from it. This will enable also enable you to ensure a regular practice. Creating a new Freechi Circle is a simple affair in the FreeChi world. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Find a place were the Circle can take place regularly and easily
  • Gather a mini-group of motivated practitioners to ensure there will always be somebody to welcome others and practice
  • Publish the place and time of your Circle on the Community Page

Creative Commons License
Freechi and all its derivative contents are provided freely by Cedric Mabilotte under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You may freely copy, distribute, display perform this work for non-commercial use but not distribute derivative work based on it.